Stay motivated.

February 5, 2019

I know it’s hard to stay motivated all the time but you have to do it. Sometimes, we believe that in order to be motivated we need to do something extremely big and difficult.

The answer is more simple. Just look in your mirror and say loud to yourself that you are valuable, you are worthy and there is no one better than you in the world. You have to say that until you believe it. Also, when you start your day do something that makes you happy and gives you all the positive vibes. Don’t let people destroy your good mood and make sure that you will stay motivated and positive until the end of the day.

Give time to yourself.

Give time to yourself to adapt to any new situation and try to find what makes you happy in every place you are. From my personal experience, I know that all we have our ups and downs. There are sometimes that the glass is completely empty even if it is in the middle, but please, don’t let these small moments to affect your personality and who you were before that. Don’t take it as an excuse because it isn’t.

What I do when I can’t find motivation is to speak with a friend, to read a book with life quotes, or to search more about the subject I lost my interest in. Read the ‘Heart Talk’ from Cleo Wade and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Ioanna xx

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